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I Walk 5 Miles Every Day

Found this and had to share! Maybe I should rename Marley, Marathon. lol 🙂

Walking My Dog

TV Has Gone to the Dogs!

dog watching TVI’ve never had a dog that seemed interested in the TV until Marley. I noticed it one day when a commercial came on with a Harlequin Great Dane and a Chihuahua. As soon as Marley saw them he perked up. Neither dog had made a sound, so I knew he was totally stimulated purely by sight. He kept watching the entire commercial until it was over.

All my other dogs would only perk up if they heard a dog parking or whining on TV (and only for a second), but I had never seen this kind of real interest before. The only reason I used to turn on a TV for a dog was to drown out the sound of thunder or fireworks. But Marley continues to watch TV and look for things that he is interested in – and like a child, he doesn’t like most of what we watch, but he sure love watching all kinds of animals and a lot of funny commercials. So, when I saw a commercial for Direct TV’s new DogTV channel, I could totally see how that might be stimulating for a dog like Marley, which could be very healthy.

dog watching TVDogTV did a lot of research on what dogs like. Every frame and every sound on DOGTV is designed 100% for dogs. They created content to meet the specific attributes of a dog’s unique sense of vision and hearing. That’s also why it may look a little funny to us when we watch their shows. The brightness, contrast, sounds and even camera angels are designed for a dog, not a human. Even their programming has a very specific purpose, focusing on relaxation, stimulation and exposure. Bottom line, this channel is no joke. They did their homework.

This video is an example of their stimulating programming. Notice the low camera angles and all the doggie action. Also, think about all the things we watch people do. We watch them play sports, we watch them talk, walk, dance, sing, play with each other, give each other affection – so why wouldn’t they enjoy watching their fellow dogs do the same? If we sit on the couch and people watch, no wonder they like dog watching!

Just for PFun

There are over 5,000 videos of dogs watching TV. You can see clearly how happy this puppy is watching Air Buddies. Just look at his tail wagging like crazy! He is LOVING it!

Here are just a few cute pics I found online of dogs watching TV




Dogs watching TV at the exclusive health farm for dogs run by pa






Dogs Know Best: 5 Dog Stretches You Should Do Too

A Dog Knows BestHave you ever noticed how our dogs stretch when they first wake up, or they twist their bodies into the oddest positions while upside down on the floor? Or, how they will stretch out their legs and back before they get out of bed. If only we were as smart as dogs!

Stretching comes natural to furry friends. However, we humans often need a little reminder. Unfortunately, it often comes in the form of an injury and a doctor’s orders. Sometimes we are so bad at it, we have to actually go to a class that forces us to stretch, bend and move – or we won’t do it at all.

If we watch out dog, we could learn a little something.

5 great dog stretches you should do too.

Click on the exercise for video instruction.

1. Upward facing dog
Stretches the low back, abdominals, hips, pelvis and tops of feet, while strengthen in your chest and arms.

upward facing dog

#2 Inner Thigh Stretch
Stretches the inner thighs and helps prevent groin injuries as well as improve athletic performance and mobility with even simple tasks like walking, swimming and running.


#3 Hamstring Stretch
This exercise stretches the back of thighs and helps improve posture due to tight leg muscles. Often times when the back of the thighs are tight, we bend with our back to enable us to reach for the floor, or for something as simple as reaching for the gas pedal. Flexible hamstrings allow us to bend safely from the hips, so we don’t compromise our back.


4. Crossover Stretch 
This therapeutic stretch is a staple exercise given to many patients in physical therapy to loosen the lower back and hips. 

crossover stretch

5. Downward Facing Dog
Downward facing dog is an excellent core exercise that stretches the hamstrings, calves and achilles, as well as challenging the core and arms. The key is to keep your heels pressed down to the ground and your back nice and straight so you are in a perfect upside down V. 


Do you have a favorite dog stretch or dog stretching picture?


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