Bonnie PfiesterOn the way home from a nearby Dog Beach, my husband said “you should really start a dog blog”. My first thought was “like I have time for that!” but after he explained why he thought it would be helpful, I had to agree.

When we first got Marley, I had so many questions – the same kind of questions people have to stay healthy and fit. I searched for hours trying to find answers. I wanted to know what food was the healthiest, what school to go to, where to take him for exercise, what toys he would like, how to keep his coat healthy and all kinds of stuff.

This wasn’t my first rodeo. I’ve had dogs before. I’ve even had a Great Dane before, but each dog is a little different and I needed to answers. Marley was a big boy – and a little thick for his size. He needed to lose a few pounds and I felt his nutrition could be a little bit better. His breed also comes with some health risks, so I needed to educate myself so I could help him to be as healthy as possible.

Great Dane StandingAfter being dogless for nearly a year after losing my last Great Dane, Tank, I quickly realized just how good Marley was for me – not just mentally, but physically. I track my activity using the Jawbone UP and I immediately noticed an increase in my own activity and how many steps I took a day. Since I do a lot of work on a computer, I NEEDed a big fun pup like Marley to get me off my butt and get outside, and live a little!

While I do own a gym and do workout, I need to just be more active overall. I’m no dog expert – I’m just a dog lover and a life lover! So, in a nutshell, I hope this blog is not only helpful to dog owners, but it inspires people to get out there with their furry friends and be active.

Bonnie Pfiester
Vero Beach, Florida

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