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5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Danes

great dane on couchGreat Danes are so misunderstood. SO many people are under the wrong impression when it comes to who a Dane is and what type of pet they can be. For example, they think they require a lot of space just because they are big.

Here is an article I found that tackle some of the most best Great Dane facts: 10 Surprising Facts About the Great Dane. I’m sharing 5 of the facts I liked the most here. Go to his page to see all 10!

  1. They really don’t eat that much. A full grown Great Dane eats about 2-3 cups of dry dog food in a meal. Too much protein should be avoided, particularly with puppies, as growing faster than they already do can damage bones and joints. Rather than the high-protein, quick-grow type puppy foods, they should have an adult food with no more than 23 percent protein.
  2. Apartment life is just fine for Great Danes. Despite their size, according to the AKC, life in an apartment can suit a Great Dane quite well. They are not as high energy as other breeds, but despite their couch potato ways, daily exercise is important. A brisk half hour walk a day will do, especially if complemented with some run time at a dog park or secure area a few times a week. No fenced area? A 50-foot training leash and a ball can help your Dane keep fit.
  3. Great Danes grow incredibly fast. Within a span of just 1 year, Great Danes go from just a handful of fluffy puppy to being able to stand up on their hind legs and look a 6-foot tall man eye-to-eye. During their rapid growth spurts, puppies can be visibly bigger after a night’s sleep.
  4. Great Danes can be remarkably gentle. That is, once the period of rapid growth passes and they gain full control of their body, bringing an end to accidental injuries due to clumsiness. Many Danes share their homes with small dogs and cats. Great Danes have a well-deserved reputation for being wonderful with children and sometimes work as therapy dogs. However, no animal should be fully trusted with young children, especially one of such a size that a single mistake could be tragic.
  5. They tend to be a lady’s dog. That’s only because of the difference in speech and mannerisms between men and women, however. Great Danes do not respond well to hard correction or training methods, as they are emotionally sensitive creatures.

TV Has Gone to the Dogs!

dog watching TVI’ve never had a dog that seemed interested in the TV until Marley. I noticed it one day when a commercial came on with a Harlequin Great Dane and a Chihuahua. As soon as Marley saw them he perked up. Neither dog had made a sound, so I knew he was totally stimulated purely by sight. He kept watching the entire commercial until it was over.

All my other dogs would only perk up if they heard a dog parking or whining on TV (and only for a second), but I had never seen this kind of real interest before. The only reason I used to turn on a TV for a dog was to drown out the sound of thunder or fireworks. But Marley continues to watch TV and look for things that he is interested in – and like a child, he doesn’t like most of what we watch, but he sure love watching all kinds of animals and a lot of funny commercials. So, when I saw a commercial for Direct TV’s new DogTV channel, I could totally see how that might be stimulating for a dog like Marley, which could be very healthy.

dog watching TVDogTV did a lot of research on what dogs like. Every frame and every sound on DOGTV is designed 100% for dogs. They created content to meet the specific attributes of a dog’s unique sense of vision and hearing. That’s also why it may look a little funny to us when we watch their shows. The brightness, contrast, sounds and even camera angels are designed for a dog, not a human. Even their programming has a very specific purpose, focusing on relaxation, stimulation and exposure. Bottom line, this channel is no joke. They did their homework.

This video is an example of their stimulating programming. Notice the low camera angles and all the doggie action. Also, think about all the things we watch people do. We watch them play sports, we watch them talk, walk, dance, sing, play with each other, give each other affection – so why wouldn’t they enjoy watching their fellow dogs do the same? If we sit on the couch and people watch, no wonder they like dog watching!

Just for PFun

There are over 5,000 videos of dogs watching TV. You can see clearly how happy this puppy is watching Air Buddies. Just look at his tail wagging like crazy! He is LOVING it!

Here are just a few cute pics I found online of dogs watching TV




Dogs watching TV at the exclusive health farm for dogs run by pa







Bonnie PfiesterWelcome to my BRAND NEW PFITdog blog (play on my last name which starts with a silent P). I am a fitness blogger, gym owner, dog lover, beach goer, God server and all-things positive sharer!

Meet Mom: “My name is Bonnie. I live in Vero Beach, Florida and own a Great Dane puppy (yes, he’s only a puppy) named Marley-Bo. My goal is to inspire you and your Fido to get (and stay) fit and healthy! I plan to share furry fit tips, fun pics and more to keep you and your furry friend active.” Bonnie Pfiester

Meet Marley“I attend Pawprints dog training and like to go to the beach with mom. I love riding in her car with the top down, wrestling with pops and cuddling the couch during TV time. I’m pretty awesome. Everyone Loves Me. My goal is to get as much attention as possible.” Marley-Bo, AKA Mar-Bo, Bo Dog, Big Mar 

And God Made a Dog

Happy DogI love this video! It really made me think of how awesome God is. I have to believe He knew how much we needed a special someone to love us unconditionally – maybe because that’s his desire too.

I have often wondered why God even made us to begin with, and then I think of Marley. I think of how wonderful it is when he gets excited to see me, and how amazing it feels when he obeys me. So, while we may not be as cute and cuddly as dogs, I guess even God enjoys having a companion. ❤

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