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Doggie Diet Tips: Improve Your Dog’s Good Looks

great dane dogWhen I got Marley I noticed faint thinning patches of hair. Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but I could tell his hair should be shinier and even fuller than it was.

Since he LOVES to swim and play in the water, I was also worried his many baths would dry him out. So, I asked my doggie experts at Pawprints what I could do to help his coat.

While their first response was diet, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t making things worse by bathing him too often (which I admit I was doing). They know how much he likes to swim, and recommended only rinsing him off without shampoo after his swims. They said to only bathe him once or twice a month at the most. Good to know!

Solution #1

blue buffalo dog foodThey had 2 main suggestions. First up was food. They asked me was what kind of food he was eating. His last owner had him on Pedigree, so I’m in the process of gradually switching him over and blending that food with his new Blue Buffalo food (a grain free higher quality food, which he LOVES by the way). This brand came highly recommended by the Pawprints staff, and to be honest, I just had to trust them because I knew NOTHING!

After I bought it, I came home and did more research to get a better understanding of what he was eating. I was very pleased with what I found online. They even had a handy-dandy brand comparison chart (at the bottom of the blog) so I could compare brands. Granted, I’m sure there are several excellent grain-free foods out there, I’m happy I found one of them!

Solution #2

fish oilWhile nutrition is great, sometimes (like humans) pets can benefit from taking supplements. Pawprints experts suggested adding fish oil to his diet. They said I could just break open a capsule and pour it over his food. Well, thanks to GNC, I had a TON of excellent fish oil supplements at home, so I couldn’t WAIT to get started.

Marley LOVES the fish oil and can’t wait for me to add it to his food – and I can’t wait to see the results!

According the the Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group, to calculate the correct dose, multiply your dog’s weight by 20. That is how many milligrams your dog should be getting. For Big Mar, that’s 3,000mg daily. After I use up my surplus of GNC fish oil, I’ll likely switch to a super concentrated fish oil made for dogs.

Benefits Include:

  • Healthy skin & glistening coat
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved the immune system
  • Decreased shedding
  • Adds moisture to dry, irritated skin

Visit CRCG to learn more benefits of adding fish oil to your doggie’s diet.


Great daneHow many dog owners actually take BETTER care of their dog than they do their own bodies?! (Meeeee!!!) If fish oil does all these great things for dogs, don’t you know they would benefit the dog owner too? I am a firm believer in supplements, however, I’m so forgetful. I have a hard time remembering to take them. It’s funny, I haven’t forgotten to give him his fish oil once.

Today, I am going to commit to the two of us taking our supplements together!

Click HERE to learn more about what fish oil can do for YOU!

Blue Buffalo Food Comparison

Blue Buffalo

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