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Bonnie PfiesterWelcome to my BRAND NEW PFITdog blog (play on my last name which starts with a silent P). I am a fitness blogger, gym owner, dog lover, beach goer, God server and all-things positive sharer!

Meet Mom: “My name is Bonnie. I live in Vero Beach, Florida and own a Great Dane puppy (yes, he’s only a puppy) named Marley-Bo. My goal is to inspire you and your Fido to get (and stay) fit and healthy! I plan to share furry fit tips, fun pics and more to keep you and your furry friend active.” Bonnie Pfiester

Meet Marley“I attend Pawprints dog training and like to go to the beach with mom. I love riding in her car with the top down, wrestling with pops and cuddling the couch during TV time. I’m pretty awesome. Everyone Loves Me. My goal is to get as much attention as possible.” Marley-Bo, AKA Mar-Bo, Bo Dog, Big Mar 

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